Sacraments – Due Dates

Please note that all due dates are tentative. With all of the activity concerning Juniors, college presentations, weather, etc., I have to be flexible and so ask that you are also. Any revisions will be announced with ample notice.

It is very important to remember that if you are absent, all tests and quizzes must be taken the very day you return; missing class the day before an assessment will not suffice as a valid reason to be excused. After three days of being absent, an essay will be assigned in lieu of the exam or quiz so that I may review the material with the class while the topic is fresh. You will do readings and answer questions when any dialectic is missed. Journals are due on the assigned day, regardless if you are absent…points will be deducted otherwise.

Open-Note Verification Quizzes are unannounced.  Dialectic dates will be announced in class.

Sacraments – First Semester

Assessment Scheduled Date
Quiz 01-1QTR Friday – September 05
Quiz 02-QTR Friday – September 19
Exam 01-1QTR Tuesday – September 30
Quiz 03-1QTR Thursday – October 09
Quiz 04-1QTR Thursday – October 23
Journals Monday – October 27
Exam 02-1QTR Wednesday – October 29

Sacraments – Second Semester

Assessment Scheduled Date
Quiz 01-1QTR Friday – November 14
Quiz 02-QTR Friday – December 05
Exam 01-1QTR Thursday – December 11
Quiz 03-1QTR Thursday – January 08
Journals Friday – January 09
Mid-Term Exams Tuesday-Friday – January 13-16


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