This is the online resource for Stephen Bujno’s Junior theology students at Berks Catholic HS!

Here you will find the course schedule which will include the daily topic or plan, any outline or handouts, mindmaps (notes) and an audio recording of the lecture, dialectic or review.

I offer this as a service to augment in-class instruction, to provide an opportunity for those who seek further assistance or in the case of a student who is absent from class, to allow a seamless transition in maintaining course requirements.

There is also information for you as a parent, guardian or host concerning course expectations, myself and my teaching philosophy along with links of interest.

The highest value of education is not utilitarian in purpose, but to develop the human person. The truly free young person through knowledge, self-discipline, virtue and grace is exempt from being conditioned by the whims of culture !

I consider it an honor and a privilege that you have allowed me to help you in the intellectual and spiritual formation of your student. The principle of subsidiarity fully applies to our relationship, my role is secondary and I am glad to accept it!


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